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Vikings WR Percy Harvin wants Calvin Johnson money in his next contract. What? How bad are his migraines? According to Harvin, he’s a dynamic playmaker who can change the complexion of a game on one play. Harvin claims there are only a handful of guys that can do that.

He makes a valid point but the counter argument would he can’t stay healthy and he’s not considered an elite receiver. It would be tough to justify paying him like one.

The Vikings are rumored to be interested in free agent Mike Wallace. If that’s the case, you’ve got to figure they’ll move Harvin if they sign Wallace.

Unfortunately for Minnesota, they’ll have to take about 70 cents on the dollar if they trade HarvIn. No team is going to give them equal value because he’s a tool and his demands are ridiculous.

I don’t think Harvin realizes how much he is damaging his reputation. If he keeps acting like a diva, no one will ever want to pay him nevermnd the Vikings.

If I were the Vikings, I would move on from this idiot! He’s good but he’s not that good!

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