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The B’s welcome Big Buff and Mark Scheifele to the Garden tonight in their season opener. Storyline: The Bruins open the 2015-16 campaign at home tonight against the Winnipeg Jets. Expectations are low for the new look Bruins but with a solid nucleus still in place, they have enough firepower   Read More ...


COURTESY OF CBSSPORTSLINE American League Division Series Texas Rangers vs. Toronto Blue Jays: I love the Blue Jays in this series. As good as Cole Hamels was down the stretch, I don’t think he can slow down Toronto’s potent offense. The Rangers have enough offense to keep up in this   Read More ...


Greg Hardy talks about coming out “guns a blazing” this week. I’m coming out guns a blazing right now! Greg Hardy is an asshole! PERIOD! You would think this simpleton had some common sense but I guess not. After being suspended all of last season and the first four games   Read More ...


Snapface is the alternative to Snapchat for all of you people out of the loop. People 50 and older, like Bill Belichick use Snapface. Its a little different. Its not as a restrictive. In all seriousness, I love when Belichick screws with the media. Its freakin great!


Matt Beleskey and Jimmy Hayes headline a revamped Bruins offense.  Pre-Season Storylines: Don Sweeney was named general manager on May 20th and since then he has gone about re-shaping the Bruins roster. Sweeney traded Dougie Hamilton, Reilly Smith and Milan Lucic and brought in Matt Beleskey, Jimmy Hayes, Matt Irwin   Read More ...


EASTERN CONFERENCE Predicted Order of Finish 1. Tampa Bay Lightning 2. New York Rangers 3. Pittsburgh Penguins 4. New York Islanders 5. Washington Capitals 6. Montreal Canadiens 7. Detroit Red Wings 8. Boston Bruins 9. Philadelphia Flyers 10. Ottawa Senators 11. Buffalo Sabres 12. Columbus Blue Jackets 13. Toronto Maple   Read More ...



With the Patriots on a bye week let’s take a week 4 trip around the NFL:   -Sometimes free agents are better off just staying where they are and this year there are two stark examples, one from each side of the ball:   DeMarco Murray:  It’s still early but   Read More ...

NHl Coke

So much for hockey players being the best guys in sports. Half of them are blowheads! According to NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly, the league has seen a rise in cocaine use. “The number of positives are more than they were in previous years and they’re going up,” Daly said   Read More ...


Poor bastard. What a shitty performance. He crapped his pants when the moment got too big for him. That’s a shitty way to lose. Shit happens. Alright. You get my drift.

Braves Red Sox Spring Baseball

I applaud new Red Sox President of Baseball Ops Dave Dombrowski for bringing back John Farrell but Dombrowski also signed bench coach Torey Lovullo to a contract extension. That tells me two things. One: Farrell and Lovullo have a great working relationship. Two: Lovullo will replace Farrell next season if   Read More ...


Joe Philbin finally got his long overdue pink slip today. 1. The Dolphins had to fire Joe Philbin. He lost the team and the players quit on him. That being said, I don’t think 39 year old Dan Campbell is the answer either but time will tell. 2. At some   Read More ...


The Jags are a nice under dog play this week.  The system is off to a shaky start in 2015. I’d say it was uncharacteristic but this system is only one year old and the reality is last year might have been an aberration. The beauty of jumping out to   Read More ...


The Colts could struggle with the ugliest man in the league out with a shoulder injury.  10/4 9:30 AM NY Jets -2.5 Miami (At London) 42.5: Miami is awful on both sides of the ball. They can’t get started on offense and their defense is terrible. The Jets are the   Read More ...


/> The Baylor scoreboard will get a workout today.  #23West Virginia Mountaineers at #15 Oklahoma Sooners: It’s hard to believe that the last time these two teams met in Norman, Oklahoma won a sloppy 16-7 game. That won’t be the case this time around. Both teams can score at will. The   Read More ...


  Bart Scott is an assclown! In an interview yesterday on the DA Show, Scott went off about how Tom Brady is not tough. Right, because Ray Lewis’ caddy, I mean Bart Scott is tough. Why is this jackoff even on television? Seriously. He’s illiterate! He can’t talk and he   Read More ...


David Cutcliffe is one of the best offensive minds in football. The Eagles defense will have their hands full with Duke’s offense on Saturday. Storyline: Boston College travels to Durham, North Carolina on Saturday to face the Duke Blue Devils. The Eagles are coming off of 17-14 win over Northern   Read More ...


Trader Bill is at it again. For the third time in two weeks, Belichick made another trade yesterday. The Patriots traded tight end and local cult hero Michael Hoomanawanui to the New Orleans Saints for defensive tackle Akiem Hicks. The Saints needed a third tight end and the Patriots needed   Read More ...


How awesome is Muni Kawasaki? He is the man! Talk about comedy gold. He is a classic. I have no idea what the hell he’s saying but you know what. I don’t care. The guy is a freakin riot. Especially when he’s drunk!


I tricked you with the heading. You thought because I like the L.A Kings that all of a sudden I’m a fan of Milan Doochic. Not so fast my friends. I still despise him. I don’t think getting into your first “real” fight in years is a big deal. Whatever.   Read More ...


Kudos to Mikey Bergin and Jay Foster for getting 15 minutes of fame because they are illiterate tool-bags. Only in America could two uneducated asswipes like this become overnight celebrities. I like how Foster is capitalizing on his new found fame by pimping a “Its Tuna Bro” T-Shirt. Even dopes   Read More ...

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