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I don’t know Kirk Minihane but it amazes me how he continues to put his foot in his mouth. He must not mind being suspended without pay. Bottom line. If you say enough stupid, outlandish things, you can make it in television and radio. Minihane is proof of that. He   Read More ...


According to Houston Texans owner Bob McNair, Tom Brady and the Patriots are the reason that Deflategate has gotten so out of control. McNair said in an interview on Tuesday that had the Patriots cooperated, particularly Brady, this whole saga would have been over by now. McNair also said that   Read More ...



This is great! Big Vince in overalls is priceless. I love the fact that he doesn’t give a shit about how he looks. He just goes with it. This video is proof that Hard Knocks is the best show on television right now.


1. I don’t care what the temperature is outside. As far as I’m concerned, it’s Fall! 2. I love anytime the Red Sox beat the Yankees. It’s even better when a loss hurts the Yankees playoff prospects.  3. Nice knowing you De Aza. Have fun in San Fran.  4. Hanley   Read More ...


  Courtroom artist Jane Rosenberg came under fire last month for her courtroom sketch of Tom Brady. Brady was back in court yesterday for another round of settlement talks with the NFL. Rosenberg got a chance to redeem herself and she did better. It still doesn’t look like Brady but   Read More ...


  Storyline: The Red Sox and Yankees renew their rivalry in a crucial three game series starting tonight at Fenway Park. This is series is huge for the Yankees if they want to stay in the AL East race. As for the Red Sox, they’ll be looking to play spoiler   Read More ...


  What a surprise. The NFL and the NFLPA failed to reach a settlement. I don’t even know why they bother? They’ll never settle. Judge Richard Berman will rule on this case and when he does, he’ll rule in the NFL’s favor. Look, I’m not trying to be Debbie Downer   Read More ...


We already knew John Harbaugh was a douche and his actions on Saturday night reinforced that notion. Yelling at an opposing coach and being a jerk to a sideline reporter further proves that he’s a fraud and an idiot. If anybody buys this guys schtick, they’re also an idiot! 


What a jack off! How do you drop someone’s birthday cake on live television? He was holding it as if it weighed 50 pounds. No wonder he dropped it. What a tool!


Game Rewind: The Patriots came from behind to beat the Panthers 17-16 in what was a sloppy all around game. There plenty of highlights and lowlights. Here are my five thoughts from this one. 1. Brady Struggles: Tom Brady once again struggled in this game. Is it a cause for   Read More ...


  Storyline: It’s the all important third pre-season game for the Patriots. There are several questions heading into this game. How much will Tom Brady play? Will Jimmy Garoppolo get the majority of the snaps after last week’s performance? Does Reggie Wayne play tonight? Will the young receivers get extended   Read More ...


  Storyline: The Red Sox roll into New York after taking two of three from the White Sox. This weekend’s series marks the first time the two teams are meeting in the regular season in six years. The last time the Red Sox played the Mets in New York, it   Read More ...


Petite Randy Moss? Really? Yeah, makes sense. These Direct TV commercials are funny but they’re starting to get stupid. The Eli Manning and Tony Romo ones are funny. This one. Not so much. 


  I don’t give a shit what anyone around here says. The Patriots didn’t need to sign Reggie Wayne. You can’t tell me that Bill Belichick thinks a washed up 36 year old receiver is going to help his team win more games. Belichick signed Wayne to rub in the   Read More ...


Cris Carter is a f&ckin buffoon. Why would you tell rookies To have a “fall guy”? Clearly Carter got caught up in the moment hanging out with Warren Sapp and he decided to say something stupid. What a freakin idiot. Let’s see what the four letter network giant does about   Read More ...


Game Rewind: The Patriots rallied from a 21-0 deficit to beat the Saints 26-21 last night at the Superdome. The game wrapped a great week of joint practices between the two teams.  1. Garoppolo Shows Improvement: The Mediterranean Delight showed improvement compared to last week. Garoppolo finished 28-33 for 269   Read More ...


Storyline: The Patriots will face the Saints in week two of the pre-season. Both teams opened the pre-season with loses. The Patriots lost to the Packers 22-11 while the Saints lost to the Ravens 30-27.  Three Keys for the Pats 1. How Much Does Brady Play? It’ll be interesting to   Read More ...


I have no idea what the hell is going on in this Madden 2016 movie trailer? Its freakin bizarre and that’s putting it mildly. Its funny but totally out there.


Patriots fans everywhere are pissed off because ESPN apologized to the organization for citing false information about Spygate in their reporting. Is this really a surprise? The four letter network giant does it all the time. They screw up and beg for forgiveness. Pats fans whining doesn’t change that.  Not   Read More ...


Storyline: After taking two of three from the Cleveland Indians, the Red Sox open a four game series at home against the American League’s best team, the Kansas City Royals. The Sox have had success against the Royals this season. They took two of three from them in Kansas City   Read More ...

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