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This had to be scripted. I don’t buy it. Panthers fans aren’t this passionate, trust me. I call bullshit. Totally scripted! Why wasn’t anyone trying to stop him? You know why they weren’t? BECAUSE THE WHOLE THING IS FAKE! Screw this old man! He’s a fraud. 



I get that this is Peyton Manning’s moment in the sun but I wanted to take this opportunity to remind him and his brother Eli that combined they have as many rings as TB12. They’ll never win four individually. Brady is still better than both of them. 


 I get why people don’t like Brady but to boo one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time at the Super Bowl is classless. It speaks to how asinine football fans in this country are. It boggles my mind that they would boo one of the greatest players in league   Read More ...


  Peyton Manning is once again a world champion.  I know Patriots fans don’t want to hear this but the fact of the matter is, Peyton Manning is now officially one of the three greatest quarterbacks of all time. Winning his second Super Bowl solidified Manning’s place as an all   Read More ...


  Cam Newton is an idiot! The way he acted last night after losing the Super Bowl was pathetic! Here’s a guy who is the league MVP, the face of the league for the 2015 season and he acted like a spoiled brat! It’s easy to run around faking jumpshots   Read More ...


  Peyton finally gets Super Bowl number two and cements his legacy in the process.  1. Let’s start with the game. IT SUCKED! Look, I’m an offensive guy but I love a good defensive game. Defense wins championships but this game sucked. It was a mistake filled game with no   Read More ...


Storyline: After two weeks of talk and hype, the big game is finally here. Super Bowl 50 is upon us. There are plenty of story lines heading into this one. The Broncos come into this one as the underdogs but they sport a dominate defense and a quarterback in Peyton   Read More ...


  Twelve years ago, the Carolina Panthers played in their first Super Bowl and lost a thrilling game to the New England. Some have called it the greatest Super Bowl of all time. I don’t know about that but it was a great game. Fast forward to 2016 and the   Read More ...


The NFL once again proved that they are a league that will do anything for good publicity. The league announced yesterday that the Rooney Rule will now apply to women and management positions. Great! Let the reverse discrimination begin. The Rooney Rule is the biggest farce in sports. It doesn’t   Read More ...


Yup….that’s Gronk being Gronk. He’ll do just about anything for a laugh. That includes eating really hot wings and blowing out snots because the wings are too hot.


ENOUGH PANTHERS FANS! We get it! You like your team. STOP with the cornball, bullshit hype videos! You can’t sing and you can’t rap. In fact, you can’t do anything! GO AWAY! NOW!


Yup, our neighbors to the north once again proving that all they care about is booze and hockey. The graphics person who put this picture together was either an intern or shit-faced. I’m going with the shit-faced. This is why I don’t think Canadians or Mexicans for that matter should   Read More ...


Josh Norman toasted Hot Rod as if he were a receiver yesterday. 1. I’m cautiously buying the Celtics again. They could still go off the deep end and lose four or five in a row. I don’t trust them! 2. Either Rams GM Les Snead has lost his mind or   Read More ...


  The NHL did the right thing suspending Flames defenseman Dennis Wideman. You would have to be high to think he didn’t purposely cheap shot linesman Don Henderson.  I know Wideman was hit pretty hard prior to cheapshotting Henderson but even if Wideman was woozy and out of it, there   Read More ...


Jerry Rice posing as a Lyft driver is hilarious but here’s my question. How did these people not recognize him? IT’S JERRY FREAKIN RICE! THE G.O.A.T! Did these people grow up in the hideout next to Bin Laden? Seriously. You’d have to be oblivious not to know it was Jerry   Read More ...


Here’s further proof that sex is the only thing most guys care about. What was Murphy thinking? YOU’RE AT THE SUPER BOWL YOU DOUCHE! I know he’s from nearby Oakland and he was hanging out with his brother but use some common sense man! If you’re visiting your brother and   Read More ...


WOW! What a flop! Lebron would be proud of Marcus Smart. I thought hockey and soccer players were expert floppers. NBA players are even better at it. What a joke! Smart should be embarrassed!


"Off the field he reminds me of that affluenza kid." – Brian Billick on Johnny Manziel #WhitlocksHouseParty — FS1 (@FS1) February 2, 2016 I don’t always agree with Billick but he’s spot on in this case. Manziel is a risk to himself and others. If the Cowboys or any   Read More ...


The Browns are moving on from Johnny Football. It’s about time!  Browns EVP of Football Ops Sashi Brown announced yesterday that the team will cut quarterback Johnny Manziel when the new league year begins on March 9th. Good! The Browns have finally made a sound, sensible decision. It’s time to   Read More ...


  Ryan Spooner has been terrific  thus far for the Bruins and a key contributor.  With the Bruins returning to action at home tonight against the Maple Leafs, I am going to pass out my mid-season report cards. Let’s see how they did. Forwards: The Bruins have been a much   Read More ...

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