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Is Keith Hernandez ogling the $25 dollar hot dog or the smoke show brunette devouring the $25 dollar hot dog? I’m going to go with the latter. He’s all about the black hair and the boobs.


I’m not going to lie. I’m pretty pumped up after watching this video. If I were a Raptor fan (which i’m not) I would be pretty jacked after watching this. By the way. Who knew they had outdoor courts in Toronto? Isn’t it too cold for street ball? Not for   Read More ...


JBJ: Red Sox Savior!  1. From now on The Daily Rants will be known as Doc’s Rants. Since I don’t rant every day anymore, I can’t call them daily rants! 2. The Celtics rebuilding season from hell finally ended last night. Where do they go from here you ask? The   Read More ...


WOW! Holy shit! How out of it do you have to be to put the ref in a head lock? I guess pretty out of it! The guy gets the crap kicked out of him but somehow wants to keep fighting. I’m not a UFC fan but these SOB’s are   Read More ...


What a goofy jack off! He trips. Clown! He’s lucky he didn’t end up burning himself to death! Why do people in other parts of the world do crap like this? What are they bored? Hey…do you guys want to set up a fire pit and run across it? So   Read More ...


Call me crazy, but I think the Chris Johnson signing is a pretty good move for the Jets. They get him on a manageable two year, $9 million dollar deal. That’s not big money for a back of Johnson’s caliber. Don’t get me wrong, Johnson isn’t the same back he   Read More ...


Storyline: The Celtics will close out the regular season tonight at home against the playoff bound Washington Wizards. Boston will be without Rajon Rondo, Jared Sullinger, Kris Humphries and Jerryd Bayless. That means guys like Phil Pressey, Chris Babb, Chris Johnson and Joel Anthony will all get extended minutes. As   Read More ...


My favorite two months of the year begin tonight. I love the Stanley Cup playoffs! It’s nonstop awesomeness! Anyway, here are my thoughts on each playoff series. The President trophy winning Bruins are focused on getting back to the Stanley Cup Finals.  Eastern Conference Detroit Red Wings Vs. Boston Bruins   Read More ...


God damn I hate snow!! Why was that white crap on my lawn and on my car this morning???? ITS APRIL 16TH A FOR CRIPS SAKE! There is nothing more miserable in life to me than snow! It’s Mother Nature’s Diarrhea!


I’ve never heard of the Nae Nae but this is what it looks like apparently. Hey, good for this guy! If a “Chubba Wumba” like him can pull it off, anybody can.


Here’s further proof that Los Angeles sports fans are a bunch of flakes! What the hell is this guy doing? I guarantee you he’s not even drunk. He’s just high on life or something. What a tool!


I wake up this morning and what do I see? SNOW!!!! ARGGHHH! You’ve got to be shitting me! ITS FREAKIN APRIL! Why won’t this winter from hell stop! I swear to God, if someone mentions Global Warming to me one more time, I’m going to super kick them in the   Read More ...


Storyline: The Red Sox will look to get back on track after losing three of four to the Yankees over the weekend. Boston struggled offensively and didn’t get the kind of starting pitching they needed to in order to win the series. Now they move on to Chicago to face   Read More ...


The Red Sox four year, $80 million dollar offer to Jon Lester is a fair assessment of what they think of him as a pitcher. They don’t think he’s worth more than $20 million a year! The Red Sox brass feels that he deserves a contract more in line with   Read More ...


Storyline: The Celtics will play their final road game of the season tonight in Philadelphia. The C’s snapped a nine game losing streak on Friday night by beating the Bobcats 106-103. They then snapped a 13 game road losing streak on Saturday night in Cleveland. They’ll be trying to win   Read More ...


Former pro bowl outside linebacker Shawne Merriman is joining the WWE. Merriman joins a long line of former college and pro football players who have made the jump to professional wrestling. The list Ernie “Big Cat” Ladd, Ron Simmons and The Rock to name a few. Merriman has the body   Read More ...


You’ve got to love TMZ’s Harvey Levin. He gets his mitts on everything! If its out there, he’ll get it! He probably paid some schmuck $500 bucks for this. By the way, Smith was charged with making a False Bomb claim. It’ll be interesting to see where all of this   Read More ...


Can someone please explain to me what the hell Manny Pacquiao’s mother is doing? Is she some kind of Filipino witch? What the hell is her deal? Its very bizarre! What ever she’s doing must have worked. Pacquiao won the fight.


I know you’ve seen this everywhere but its still pretty freakin funny! I can’t believe how good Keenan Thompson’s impression of David Ortiz is! He nails him. I especially love when he’s talking about Spanish food. Priceless! So much for SNL not being funny anymore. Its still pretty funny if   Read More ...


(image courtesy of sports illustrated/CNN) The 2014 NFL Draft is three weeks from Thursday. There hasn’t been a lot of movement in terms of trades but business will begin to pick up in the next two weeks. My third mock draft is pretty much a carbon copy of my second   Read More ...

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